In American Studies at the University of Amsterdam, we study the United States – from both inside and outside – historically and with an eye toward the present. We explore politics and foreign policy, but also the culture that has influenced and reflected the world.

Why study American Studies at the University of Amsterdam? American Studies is a lively community in a bustling city. Amsterdam was itself a model for progressive American intellectuals a century ago. It became a key entrepôt for American culture and commerce: from the Marshall Plan to the American music that still blasts from every bar. Today this major European cultural centre is an ideal vantage point from which to study the United States, closely or from a critical distance.

Who are our students? American Studies is grounded in history, but its scope is interdisciplinary. Students come to us from a wide range of backgrounds, such as literature, media studies, cultural studies, sociology and art history.

What careers do graduates pursue? Graduates of American Studies have learned to conduct research with archival and cultural sources, and to write with eloquence and force in English. They are qualified to work in a range of professional fields. Previous graduates now work in many fields, including journalism, politics, high school teaching, diplomacy, the civil service, management consulting, publishing, law, media, and even standup comedy. Graduates of our MA program have written their PhD dissertations at University of Amsterdam, the University of Leiden, Brandeis University, University of Illinois, Boston University, and the University of Virginia.